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Multifunction Leg Neck Body Massager 4/2 Trigger Points Manual Tool to Relieve Hand Pressure Deep Massage

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Features: Relieve stress, improves blood circulation, relieves the waist, back, leg pain and fatigue.

1. The soft massage head placed on the rear part of the neck acupuncture points, back and forth pressing massage can handle;
2. Can be adjusted by rotating the pressing force than the massage heads.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Darrion W.
Release kinks in your neck

his item works pretty well. it is a little tight on the neck. Could stretch a little further but does a nice job in getting those sore muscles to loosen up

Blanche T.

This item is a MUST HAVE. I am so very happy with this purchase that I'm buying more for my entire family. Something so very simple has brought me such needed relief that I could only get by high priced massage therapy, NO MORE massages for me, I have this puppy now.

Yasmin G.
Best relief I have ever found!

This “thing” is genius! I had a neck fusion 5 months ago but still suffer from some muscle tightness and this helps tremendously. I have tried every product not kidding. I was buying everything out there to help relieve muscle tightness and this is the best and easiest thing I own. Also, it’s easy to transport, I put it in my work backpack and off I go. I love that I have it handy any time I need it. I have one at home and one for work I love it so much. You won’t regret buying this product

Erin S.

I was ready to not like this. I heard some things about how good these could be, but it didn't really seem like it could work. I have chronic migraines. I have tried everything that is supposed to "help with migraines". Most of them are bologna. Well I ordered it and I love it. Especially now that I just found out I'm pregnant and can't take any of my normal medications, or even ibuprofen. This hits the right spot on my neck, where all the pressure seems to come from. I am impressed!

Charese M.
You can massage really really hard and I love it!!!

I can never ask my husband for a neck massage because I literally need the strength of a thousand steam rollers working against my neck muscles or else it just sucks and doesn't do anything for me.

This little device is amazing! The leverage is excellent, allowing you to squeeze the living daylights out of your neck all on your own! Quality is great, it feels sturdy as heck. I've had it for months and have used and abused it on my concrete neck and it has held up completely fine. No signs of wear.

1000% recommend.